Control the pace

use joint experts

in  mediation people with a legal issue use a neutral third party with special training in helping people reach agreements.  the parties may meet together with the mediator without an attorney present or may meet with the mediator with their attorney present to reach an agreement to resolve the practical or the legal issues without resorting to a trial before a judge or jury.  YOu retain control over the decision being made rather than turn it over to a stranger.

Explore options 

Work Together

Parties may choose to meet for multiple sessions or just one session. Decision making  goes at the pace that works for the participants. Times for meetings are set to reflect the their convenience and their situation.

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Creative options become possible when your family or group  meets and brainstorms together about how to sort out finances and meet the future needs of their children and themselves, or in aging mediations, to meet the needs of the aging individual and the extended family. Workplace problems can be addressed in a constructive and creative manner.


Why choose the MEDIATION process?

When couples decide to separate, or people have a disagreement, working with a mediator allows them to work together to address their common concerns rather than treating each other as the enemy. On-going relationships may be preserved.  You may choose to physically meet together in the same room or may ask the mediator to convey your interests and suggestions to the other on your behalf

Your family or group can employ experts like children's counselors, financial managers, accountants, or real estate professionals to provide input to the group to help make good decisions.

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