You may feel like you cannot afford an attorney for your case, but you may be able to afford an attorney for important parts of your case.  With Limited Scope Representation as an option you can plan and structure how you will use legal services to support resolving your legal issue.

The Iowa Judicial Website offers forms for self-represented litigants, but the forms and instructions can be confusing.  With Limited Scope Representation you can prepare your own forms, but still have an attorney review them to see that they have been properly prepared.

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Limited ScopE Representation

Sometimes your legal issue looks simple only because you are not aware of what is really involved in your legal situation.  With a Limited Scope Representation 

you can get help with technical issues and advice on legal issues.

Some common areas are preparing deeds, preparing conservatorship reports, preparing the documents to submit a mediated agreement for court approval and preparing Qualified Domestic Relations orders.  Other common services are drafting court filings, calculating child support guidelines, review of CSRU

guidelines calculations, 

and preparing exhibits and exhibit lists for a hearing.

When an individual talks to an attorney about Limited Scope Representation they can discuss the elements of processing their situation and decide at what points they are going to use the attorney. In buying a house you may choose to work with just a realtor to make your offer, but hire an attorney to read the title or prepare a deed.

If you and the other parent have worked out how you will parent your child, you may hire an attorney to represent you to draft the necessary court documents to make it enforceable or to review the documents prepared by the other parent's attorney

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Limited Scope representation may help you tailor the cost to the benefit. 

Paying the hourly rate for full service representation for a small claim may result in the cost being more than the recovery, but hiring an attorney under a Limited Scope agreement to review your paperwork and explain the documents and testimony necessary to win your case may make you more likely to succeed with an investment of money that makes sense given the likely recovery.


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in  some situations you may not need, want, or be able to afford full legal representation concerning your legal matter.  Limited scope representation hires an attorney to perform specific tasks, which may be just giving legal advice, drafting documents, representing you at a specific hearing, or reviewing and explaining a document to you.  It allows you to control costs and  to tailor the services to your particular situation.

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