in  collaborative law people with a legal issue each hire an attorney with special training. the parties and their attorneys work together as a group to resolve the legal issue without resorting to a trial before a judge or jury

Control the pace

The family can employ experts like children's counselors, financial managers, accountants, or real estate professionals to assist their team with decision making.

When couples decide to separate, using the collaborative process they work together to address their common concerns rather than treating each other as the enemy.

Work Together

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Scheduling the process of gathering information and making decisions goes at the pace that works for the family. Times for meetings and deadlines for completing work are set to reflect the family's situation.

Why choose the collaborative process?

Creative options become possible when the family meets and brainstorms together about how to sort out finances and meet the future needs of their children and themselves.




use joint experts

Explore options 



For more information about Collaborative Law,  contact Terry Parsons at or look on-line at TheInternational Association of Collaborative Professionals.