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A growing number of clients choose to only contract for limited scope services, like appeals, pleadings, discovery, general document preparation, child support calculation, settlement review, or legal research, rather than hire an attorney to handle their entire case or legal matter.

Limited scope representations are most common in real estate matters, small claims, custody, and divorce cases. Limited Scope Services agreements are available.

Traditional legal services in civil matters including drafting, litigation and appeals.   Olsen & Parsons is a general practice civil firm and represents clients in a wide variety of legal actions, but does not handle any criminal defense matters.  Traditional services are provided when the client chooses to use an advocate to assist with their legal matter through consultation, drafting and, when necessary, trial.




Traditional legal

Limited scope

Serving iowans since 1981 

Legal services are available to individuals who wish to unravel the ending of their marriage by contractually agreeing to exchange information and cooperatively work out an out-of-court divorce settlement.

Mediation services for family law issues including divorce, custody, alimony, support, property division, and parenting in both litigation and non-litigation situations. 

Mediation services are also available for families seeking mediation in aging issue concerns, including those related to guardianship and conservatorship proceedings as well as facilitated family meetings not connected to any pending litigation.